Blue Mules upcoming shows!

The Blue Mules are a bluegrass/ old-time music band, although we will pull out some re-workings of a Beatles song or some such surprise, so keep your ears pealed!

We are based in Tuscaloosa and our first gig [and practice] was July 3rd,1999 at the club 4th and 23rd in T-town.

The players are:

Michael Bowman on fiddle [name fits!]

Stacy [the cat] Morris on bass

Tommy Sorrells on guitar

Greg Staggs on banjo

and [hopefully]

Phil Proctor on mandolin [if he can make the drive from Mobile!]

We'll be at :

THE BOOTH in Tuscaloosa every Tuesday starting in September so Come See Us!!!

p. s. We'll be jamming around his majesty UNKNOWN HINSON at the Booth [either opening or closing] Friday and Saturday August 20 and 21 !!!

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